Our Story

We started this journey with a burning desire to develop a product that was not only natural and organic but it had to allow us to create a new platform to bring us balance and a chance for selfcare. Our goal was to create a range that was ethically made and provide a skincare regime that would fit into our crazy schedules and not the other way around.

With four children between us, our philosophy stems from giving ourselves permission to take care of ME.

Selfcare is important.

Selfcare is an investment.

Selfcare is a chance to refuel.   


It is a chance to remind ourselves to look after what’s most important and that is YOU. Because we all know that if we’re not running at full capacity, something’s got to give.

You see, we’re probably not that different, you and I. You could be a wife, a partner, a mother, a sister, a daughter. You’re a woman that carries so many hats. You are so many things to so many people.

Give yourself permission to put yourself first.

Give yourself permission to look after yourself.

Give yourself permission to have balance.

Give yourself permission to practice selfcare.


Because selfcare propels you to self-love and that my friend, that is the most important thing in the whole world.


Much Love

Darith & Sussan

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